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Cultural diversity is a wonderful thing in any functioning and civilized democracy. Take your own country or town, for instance. In this regard, architectural structures serving the interests of what can only be defined as minorities have now become a familiar part of your country, city or rural town landscape. Yes, even rural towns have seen minority groups become active contributors in its socio-economic functioning.

It is pleasing to note as well that the traditional artisanal guardians of ancient steeples that have always formed a visible part of your traditions and religions are also serving the needs of those minorities well. Today, your steeplejack takes care of a lot more than your church’s steeple. He takes care of a lot more than your town’s municipal buildings and architectural features that have managed to weather more than the average storm over the years.

Imagine that, he even has the knowledge to take care of the architectural landscapes that form a vital part of your neighborhood’s Muslim and Jewish houses of worship. He can even see to the architectural needs of the rare and sometimes peculiar sighting of the Buddhist and Hare Krishna devotees and their temples. The minaret stands peacefully alongside that of Christ’s crucifix. The Star of David is allowed to tower as well. And as always, the pole on which the nation’s flag is allowed to roam proudly in the breeze stands firm.

All this is made possible thanks to your local and national steeplejack. Now, what exactly does he do? As already mentioned, he is an artisan. You could just say that he is an artist of heritage proportions. Among many things, he can repair, maintain, clean and restore your town or church’s old steeple.